Outstanding set of 11+ Results 2021

28th September 21

Congratulations to all the Year 6 girls at St. Anthony’s School for Girls for their outstanding performance in the 11+ examinations this year. Twelve Year 6 girls achieved over 42 offers, including major academic scholarships and academic scholarships to London’s top independent schools.

The girls received offers at City of London, North London Collegiate, South Hampstead, Channing, Highgate, Mill Hill, Francis Holland, Queen’s College, Queenswood, Northwood and St. Margaret’s. We acknowledge the girls’ hard work, dedication and commitment during Year 6 as they completed the St. Anthony’s 18 month 11-plus curriculum, a roadmap to success for all the girls.

At St. Anthony’s the girls avail of a bespoke 18-month 11-plus curriculum which begins in Year 5 with specialist English, maths and science teaching. Girls responded enthusiastically to this curriculum, developing fearlessness in mathematics, curiosity in science and have become accomplished writers and orators.

We believe that our curriculum does not only teach to the exam, but beyond the confines of examinations ensuring that our girls are fully educated for secondary school. The core curriculum is not taught in isolation, but within a broad creative curriculum of drama, music and sports. This approach ensures that no area of learning is ‘put on ice’ until after the 11-plus examinations. As one parent commented, “at St. Anthony’s you made the 11-plus preparation seem easy.”

The headteacher, Donal Brennan, acknowledged what an honour it has been to lead the second cohort of Year 6 girls to 11-plus success. “They have shown true commitment, been excellent role models for the younger children and it has been an immensely rewarding experience. My thanks to the girls, my gratitude to the teachers and my appreciation to the parents who have been so supportive of their daughters’ 11-plus preparation.”

St. Anthony’s School for Girls enters its sixth year in September 2021 buoyed by phenomenal 11-plus success, assured in its curriculum delivery and confident in the environment it provides for success. We look forward to inviting you to visit.