Ivy House School Bursary Appeal

Why the Ivy House Bursary Appeal

Ivy House is a caring and supportive school; we find strength in the different kinds of families and their life experiences present in the community. This helps to foster a lively and varied learning environment that we cherish. The Bursary fund allows us to provide access to the school to students and families who come from different economic backgrounds, which has the dual impact of making a life-changing difference for the individual student and broadening and enhancing the experience and perspectives of all the students.

The Charity

The Gold Standard Charitable Trust raises monies for bursaries at Ivy House and all the schools in the Alpha Plus/Inspired UK group of schools.   The Charity has a dedicated Ivy House Bursary Fund with goal of the supporting the students already enrolled at Ivy House who have been awarded bursaries and adding one or more additional students each year. Donations to this fund will be designated to students at Ivy House and can be used at other Alpha Plus/Inspired UK schools should the student continue there. If all the needs of Ivy House students are completely met, funds may also be used where the need is greatest among the schools that GSCT serves.

Tax Advantaged Giving: “Gift Aid It!”

The tax laws of the UK allow you to increase your giving impact substantially if you apply for gift aid.  Families in the 45% tax bracket who claim gift aid have an impact 82% greater than the net cost of their gift. For the 40% tax bracket the impact is an additional 67% and in the 20% bracket it is still 25% extra for the students. The table below shows how that works:

Tax Rate Gift Amount Post-tax Cost Gift Aid Total to School % Increase of Impact
45% £10,000 £6,875 £2,500 £12,500 +82%
40% £1,000 £750 £250 £1,250 +67%
20% £100 £100 £25 £125 +25%


You can help us be a better and stronger school and allow us to bring in wonderful, interesting and talented students with your gift to the Ivy House. Please follow this link to make an online gift.

For more information about the Bursary Appeal, other ways to make a gift at the Gold Standard Charitable Trust email Judith Rivkin at judith.rivkin@goldstandardcharitabletrust.co.uk