The Common Good

A fundamental element of Ivy House School’s education is the shared focus to work towards ‘The Common Good’. Through our charity work, we instil in our pupils the need to reach out to one another, that it is our duty to support and help those in need. Our chosen charities support children who don’t have the access to the education that many of us take for granted. Our school actively engages in charitable outreach which benefits not only those in need but also our pupils by developing their social responsibility, supporting and engaging with local, national and international groups.

See below for a variety of examples of our fundraising efforts or initiative involving our pupils working towards ‘The Common Good’. 

Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast is a registered UK charity ensuring that no child is too hungry to learn through the provision of healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools. A hungry child cannot concentrate so will miss out on half a day of lessons, every day, if not given anything to eat. They support schools with 35% or more pupils eligible for free school meals delivering nutritious food and bespoke advice on the optimum way to reach every malnourished and vulnerable child. All this for 22p per child per day.

We have supported Magic Breakfast in the past through fundraising at events like Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Breakfasts.

VSO – Sisters for sisters

Many adolescent girls in Nepal are prevented from going to and staying in school for long enough to get the consistent, quality education they deserve. Over four years, our Sisters for Sisters’ Education project is keeping vulnerable girls in school, and helping those who have dropped out to get back into education. They do this through direct coaching and support for girls from peer mentor ‘big sisters’ and specialist volunteer support and training in schools and at government level to make education more inclusive for girls across Nepal.

Examples of fundraising activities for VSO include the selling of bags screen-printed by the pupils themselves.