Extra-Curricular Activities

On a typical day at Ivy House School, our pupils have a choice of at least three extra-curricular activities. A rich programme of peripatetic classes is available including drumming, violin, piano and singing.

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Chelsea Ballet School provides curriculum based ballet lessons and after school ballet lessons for our pupils.

Chelsea Ballet Schools has a strong Mission Statement that seeks to enhance the lives of children through dance.

Classes are offered for the lower classes (Nursery – Yr 3) and a Musical Theatre club offered to all children in Key Stage Two.


Children will be taught the rules of Chess and will play against opponents to develop this skill. This will help to develop strategy skills and the mental dexterity that is required for solving problems, analyse consequences, and formulate future tactics.


Running the afterschool choir, we have our Head of Music and Drama, Paula Masterton.

Environmental Club

Children will sew and tend to plants in the Ivy House School vegetable patch and learn about environmental sustainment in gardens as well as the wildlife we might see in our own local surroundings.


Rhythmic Gymnastics is taught by Ellen Watson, as a curriculum subject for Nursery to Year 2 and as an extra curricular to Pre Reception to Year 6. Ellen Watson was a Ribbon/Hoop Choreographer for GB Rhythmic Team for London in 2012 Olympic Games.

LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) Examinations

We are delighted that Bernard Krichefski, an immensely experienced television drama producer, theatre director, playwright and screenwriter is providing coaching to pupils for the LAMDA exams in Performance (Acting). He also offers coaching in Verse and Prose speaking.


Peripatetic lessons in Violin and Piano are available during the school day for those wishing to learn an instrument. Should your child wish to take lessons in an instrument other than those offered, please speak to the school office to register your interest.


This club, run by Little House of Science, will teach exciting science topics, to engage the children’s scientific minds whilst furthering their curriculum based knowledge.


Peaceful Play Yoga & Mindfulness lessons weave Yoga movements together with breathing exercises, relaxation and mindfulness. Children’s balance, physical awareness, posture and self-confidence all improve with regular Yoga practise.  Pupils explore ways to recognise and manage big emotions, such as anxiety, frustration and fear as well as taking time out of the school day for stillness and relaxation.