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Remote Education

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, we may have been temporarily closed, but St. Anthony’s School for Girls remained very much open. We successfully moved our provision online and offered our girls a rich and varied learning experience. Following the announcement of a national lockdown in January 2021, we shifted once more to a remote education programme to cater for all pupils in Reception to Year 6.

Our Headteacher, Mr Brennan, had this to say about our remote education phase in 2020:

The establishment of a remote learning curriculum and timetable was a very positive experience at St. Anthony’s School for Girls. The children embraced their online lessons with enthusiasm, and the work being produced by the children deserved our commendation.

Creativity flourished with unexpected moments of originality, with children creating their own terrariums, designing their individual emojis and writing heartfelt letters to grandparents, William Shakespeare and David Walliams.

Our online assemblies three times a week allowed for a community celebratory moment to bring us together and feel connected. This followed by our pastoral calls and focus group lessons in reading and philosophy allowed for all children to engage, share and feel truly valued during the time of distance learning.

Technology allowed us to communicate and interact very effectively, in a school where pupil voice is at the core of what we promote”.


Find out more about what we offered our pupils while delivering education remotely:

Virtual Learning Platform

Our girls had daily live lessons with their class teachers including English and Maths. These were complemented by a range of different live lessons in other curriculum areas including Art, Ballet, Mandarin, French, Drama, Science, Singing and Philosophy.

During the week, the girls also had the opportunity to read with their teachers, either individually or in small groups.

Video Lessons

To supplement live lessons, the girls also had video lessons provided in a range of different subjects. This enabled the girls to have a much-needed break during the day and complete work in their own time.

Pastoral Care

The girls’ pastoral care is our main priority and we endeavoured to uphold the feeling of community within the school. The girls attended weekly assemblies with the Headteacher which is a time for prayer, reflection and togetherness.

Class teachers had a weekly 1:1 wellness check with each girl.

During the first lockdown, the school community also came together to participate in fun activities and enjoyed a range of quizzes.

Remote Education 2020 Survey Results

  • 91% of our parents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the day’s structure with a good mix of activities.
  • 85% of our parents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the adequacy of teaching and support staff input.
  • 91% of our parents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the planning of online lessons.
  • 91% of our parents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the planning of online assignments and activities.
  • 87% of our parents gave a 4 or 5 star rating to the feedback on progress received.

Here is what our parents had to say about our remote education provision:

I wanted to say thank you to the teachers their hard work. My daughter is fully engaged everyday and is excited every morning to attend virtual school.

Year 5 Parent

You’ve all outdone yourselves! The team at St Anthony’s is literally amazing. This “wellness week” is an incredible initiative and on only day 1 has injected some much needed enthusiasm and excitement into homeschooling life!

Current Parent

Literacy and drama and singing are very well run classes.

Year 5 Parent

Considering the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in today, St Anthony’s School for Girls is doing a very good job.

Year 6 Parent

Really appreciate the feedback call today and all your efforts. You are a great teacher and we all appreciate you!

The lessons are well structured and the focus on key areas while trying to cover a broad range of subjects is good.

Year 1 Parent

It is well organised from an IT perspective. It sets achievable goals for the girls each day, with extra challenges for those who want them.

Year 2 Parent

“The teachers are very patiently teaching the girls and have a contact with each one of them while teaching”

Year 3 Parent

“Monitoring my child’s progress and development”

Year 4 Parent

What the children had to say:

I am excited for Literacy because I like learnings things like that (online).

Year 3 Pupil

Year 5 teacher, that was sooo fun! I feel really good having passed on my 11+ knowledge!

Year 6 Pupil

(Literacy) was very fun today!

Year 3 Pupil

thank you Year 5 teacher, really fun, I felt like I was a teacher.

Year 6 Pupil

You are the best teacher ever, even on Teams!

Year 3 Pupil

I know it is hard but if you were not here I would not like Home school. You are helping me so much!

Year 3 Pupil

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